Get to Know EMS Director Shannon Mount

November 3, 2020

Shannon Mount has been in EMS since 1992 and recently became the Scott County EMS director.

EMS director Shannon Mount
EMS Director Shannon Mount

What drew you to this work?

The reason I became involved in EMS was the need to help people. My dad and grandpa both have heart and respiratory issues. This drove me to understand why and how their conditions have changed throughout their lives. Daily, I increase my knowledge in some way in the healthcare field.

Can you share a story from your work that encouraged you?

This job has many different faces, demands and stories to tell. A perfect example of caring and giving back happened last Christmas. I was transporting a patient to a cath lab. She had elevated lab work and, sadly, no family on Christmas Eve. We carried on a conversation for the hour it took us to get to the receiving hospital. We spoke of our families, and she was worried about the news she was going to get. I simply asked if she wanted to hold my hand and pray for a moment.

In all these years, all the things we see, do and experience, it just takes a few seconds of compassion and the ability to listen to make a difference in someone’s life. That’s why I do this: to make a difference — even small ones.