Pictured left to right: John Croasdell, MD; Bob Hicks, MD;
Shane Avery, MD; Ray Carter, MD; Skip Hunefeld, MD
Not pictured: William Cooke, MD).

Not only treating patients, but friends

Physicians in Scott Memorial Health’s emergency department value community relationships

A trip to the emergency room can be scary and stressful, but at Scott Memorial Health’s ER, patients are likely to find a familiar face to guide them through that time of uncertainty. The doctors who work in Scott Memorial’s emergency department are also the family doctors who enjoy living and working in the community.

“I feel like I am not only treating patients, I am helping friends get through some of the most challenging times in their lives,” says Dr. John Croasdell, who has been practicing at Scott Memorial since 1996 with the exception of a yearlong hiatus.

Dr. Skip Hunefeld says Scott Memorial stood out to him as a more progressive hospital than other facilities when he was choosing where to start his practice 25 years ago.

“Since before I came to Scott County, our hospital has been a leader among small hospitals in Indiana, adjusting to the changes in healthcare much quicker than other small hospitals around us,” Dr. Hunefeld says. “While many of those small hospitals have closed, we remain strong. Even in the face of challenging changes in medicine, Scott Memorial Health has maintained excellence in providing cutting-edge, personal, close-to-home care.”

The best thing about practicing at Scott Memorial, Dr. Hunefeld continues, is the relationships he has with patients and their families. “I have been blessed to deliver a baby, coach a 10-year-old football player, teach a teenager Sunday School, attend a wedding, and attend a 50-year anniversary, all in the same family,” he says. “In celebrations and in grief, it is great to be able to interact with people during their finest triumphs and largest struggles.”

Those kinds of relationships extend to the nurses and team members these doctors work alongside each day. Both Dr. Croasdell and Dr. Hunefeld emphasize the excellence their nurses bring to patient care as they work together to provide low wait times in the ER, which is nationally accredited for chest pain care.

Dr. Shane Avery has also practiced at Scott Memorial for more than 20 years and sees his role as a way to positively influence young people in Scott County. “My greatest joy in practicing medicine is the impact we have on the next generation,” he says. “Many just need an adult to encourage them and believe in them so that they can break out of a cycle of abuse.”

Whether his patients are young or old, Dr. Croasdell says he thinks the people in Southern Indiana are some of the most hospitable. “They seem genuinely grateful for the care that is given to them,” he says. “I am right where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to do.”