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Visitor Welcome Video

Loved ones are welcome again.

It’s been a hard year. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has faced a number of new challenges as we have worked to protect each other’s health and well-being. Perhaps one of the biggest of those challenges has been separation from others – whether that means forgoing in-person gatherings, grabbing coffee with a friend or visiting a loved one who is receiving care at the hospital.

As we come closer than ever to putting the pandemic behind us, we are pleased to announce that our visitation restrictions are relaxing, and loved ones are welcome again. We know that it has been difficult to be apart from family and friends who are receiving care, and we want to thank you for your patience and understanding while restrictions were in place to protect the health of our patients and staff.

We are so pleased to welcome our patients’ loved ones back to the hospital to visit. Our updated visitor policy can be found below.

It’s been a hard year. Let’s make the next one better…together.

Welcome Visitors:  New visitor policy Effective June 28

As the number of patients with COVID-19 has decreased, we WELCOME VISITORS back to the hospital for non COVID-19 patients. For the safety of our patients, providers, team members and visitors ALL visitors should arrive wearing a MASK and should be free of COVID-like symptoms before coming to the hospital.  Please do not come to the hospital to visit if you feel ill.